Career as Beautician

Welcome to the world of beautiful people; those men and women with magic in their hands, whose prime vocation is to make other people beautiful and attractive. Yes we are talking about the Beauticians who, day in and day out, undertake great risks by way of altering or transforming their clients’ -appearances. Risky, because the smallest of steps would make of mar an individual’s beauty and charm. The tedious and time-consuming process of working towards looking good is no longer the privilege of the rich and famous. Just look around you and you will find the fashion/beauty conscious inhabitants of Indian cities and towns, making a beeline for the beauty parlours in order improve their appearances, in a bid to enhance their physical appearances.
Nature of Work:
To begin with, you can and ought to serve in a reputed beauty parlour in order to hone your skills and gather adequate experience.

During the next phase you could mobilize some capital and start a beauty parlour of your own.

As the years pass by, you could blossom into a beauty expert /consultant for posh hotels, become a beauty columnist for newspapers and magazines.

Yet another possible option could be imparting of beauty skills and methods to young aspiring beauticians.

You could work in tandem with fashion photographers who prepare portfolios for aspiring models, work full time/ freelance for modeling and /or advertising agencies.

If you are able to outshine others and become an expert in your field, you could find a foothold in the tinsel towns of the world: Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood and so forth.

To open a parlour one must know the basics of beauty therapy. Those who want to take it up, as a career must undergo full-fledged intensive professional training. The cost of the course varies from institute to institute. Skin care is more scientific while hair care is more creative. There are a number of courses that are offered where a candidate is taught to take care of basically, the skin, which would include facials, epilation processes, bleaching, manicure, pedicure, make-up, massage and diet. On the other hand, hairdressing includes, treatment of the hair, as well as styling and cuttings.
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