Career Guidance

Career Guidance refers to programmes and services intended to assist individuals of any age and at any point throughout their lives to make education, training and occupational choices and to manage their careers. It is a scientific and logical approach to student’s personality analysis. It aims at understanding the student’s core interest areas and then relating their course curriculum with it. Thus it helps young generation to choose a career, gain competencies required for it, make decisions, set goals and then take an action.

Career Guidance works for school students, college students, job-seekers & professionals. Choosing a right career is a crucial decision that depends upon your future planning of achievements and professional targets. Most of them, select their career fields without thinking about their interest in that job, their skills and goals. As a result, you can find them dissatisfied with their job and income. Thus the chosen career can be very satisfying if you end up with the right choice.

Careers guidance companies provide general advice online or through phone. Careers specialist would give details of jobs that suits you. They even offer a sample job for you to experience what it would be like to work in an environment before making a choice. Careers guidance companies also provide other services such as co-ordinating with government income support agencies, helping people to write a curriculum vitae and advice on money management.

Career guidance can help you in pursuing the right courses, in the right colleges or institutes and can guide you in choosing a suitable career. It is necessary to have the correct career information, for doing a career search. The right career advice can help you to choose a career to suit your personality and your goals. Pre-requisites for choosing your dream career are the qualifications required to achieve it. You can gain top careers and the power of choice if you have the right qualification.

Every type of career field has some limitation for growth and opportunities. Find out limitations of the job that will not satisfy your requirements. Understand your qualities ad assess your skills necessary for a successful career. These skills include educational qualifications, certified courses and diplomas, knowledge of operating systems and software. Reading books related to the desired career will help you to start your career effectively. Also getting trained through various courses is necessary to make you comfortable in a good position. Career test is a guiding tool for successful career as it considers your interest in a particular job.

Government-sponsored groups that work closely with colleges and universities offer career guidance to ensure that young people have a good idea of their future. You can also find career guidance in companies that specialize in it, in workplaces, etc. Career advice is available to people of all ages and backgrounds and also to those who wish to change their career or are not sure if they are on the right path.

As careers can make or break one’s life, it is important to make the right choice at the right time. Thus through proper career coaching, job search would be easier to bridge the gap between job-availability and your qualifications. Whether looking for a new career or a career change, career guidance can help you out in this major path of transition.