Career in Agriculture

Agricultural studies uses the knowledge of science and maths to negotiate the problem of agriculture. Apart from the regular farming activities of sowing, harvesting and marketing farm products, there are other areas of specialization like agriculture , forestry , sericulture, dairy technology, vetinary science, soil science etc. Broadly the field of agriculture studies can be mapped into agriculture science and agricultural engineering. Agricultural science is interested in finding ways of improving farm output by improving the quality of seeds and the efficiency of seeds and the efficiency of fertilizers and pesticides. Agricultural engineering is concerned with the engineering aspects such as the manufacture of equipment for increasing output

Educational inputs
A number of university offer graduate and post graduate programs in agricultural and allied field. The department of Agricultural Research and education is a premier organization monitoring R & D activity in the field of agriculture. The Indian council of agricultural research (ICAR) promotes science and technology programs in agricultural research and training. The ICAR organizes the national level entrance examination for filling 15% of seats in the state and central agricultural university for their 4 year under graduate program. The examination is announced in January – February and conducted in may

Future Prospects
Future prospectus for trained personal in agriculture is excellent. For a country like India, with its vast land resource, the potential for growth is infinite

Nature of Work:

The qualified personal can find jobs at various levels in the government and private sector in companies manufacturing machineries, marketing farm inputs like seeds and fertilizers and producing farm products. They can also work in estates and plantations as agricultural experts. Oppertunities are available in R &D labs and in teaching sector also. Farm experts can also seek self employment by setting up nurseries and greenhouses

The candidate should have passed 10+2 or equivalent in Physics,Chemistry and Biology.
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