Career in Animation and Cartoons

Animation is the handling of still images to give the illusion of moving pictures. This happens when a sequence of pictures are passed through the projector at a rapid speed of 24 frames a second. The essence of the job is to know how exactly each character should move or react and create something extraordinary which seems full of life.A sense of colour, a sense of balance and proportion is a must in this profession. An eye for detail will take you places.Animation can be of two types -2D (two dimensional) and 3D (three dimensional). While 2D animation can be cell, puppet or sand animation, clay modelling, cut – out animation or computer generated; it goes through the stages of story, boarding, character development on paper, background and layout, scanning, inking and painting, key frames and in betweens, sound – effects and editing. Therefore, a one hour film takes almost one year of hard work. As the name suggests, 2D animation generates characters like what we see in Cartoon Network.

The 3D animation also goes through the similar processes but uses more sophisticated gadgets and processes.

Nature of Work:
Animator should possess a keen sense of humour,an eye for detail and fluid imagination and insight.Multimedia and animation packages have been highly enabling to the animator.Cartoonists work for news papers and journals and as illustrators for books, greeting cards, television shows, corporate publications etc.

A candidate having passed higher secondory or equivalent in 10+2 pattern.
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