Career in Architecture

Construction is one of the fastest growing sectors in our economy. It has experienced a huge boom in the last few decades. Our requirements also change along with time. Earlier, emphasis was on the basic requirements of housing and shelter, but now emphasis is give on luxury, comfort and style. This leads to a good prospect for those interested in making a career in architecture. Architecture in particular is the study which deals with planning and designing of building and Architects are licensed professionals who are trained in the art and science of building. They are involved in almost all the phases of the building construction. They are responsible for the planning, designing and super vision of the construction works they are involved in. it may be houses, office buildings, skyscrapers or even entire cities.CAREER PROSPECTS

After completing your B.arch degree, you will have wide employment opportunities both in the public and private sectors. You can work with government organizations like central and state public work departments, city development authorities, state housing boards etc. You can also get a job in consultancy and private architectural firms, teaching institutions etc. But your biggest scope in this field will be private practice. With a few years of experience in any organization, you can set up your own business.

Nature of Work:

You will have to deal with planning and designing of building and structures. Your challenge will be to produce an artistically pleasing design within a given budget and deadline. Limiting the budget and finishing the work in time before the dead line will be very important for you. You will be engaged in a variety of structures including houses, apartments and colonies. You will not only deal with new constructions but also in alterations and renovations. Clients will approach you with some idea of what they want, but with very little awareness regarding its feasibility. You will then survey and inspect the site of the proposed building and obtain an accurate site plan. Next you will have to prepare a sketch scheme of the floor plans, the elevations and the perspective drawing. Many such schemes will be needed before a final one is approved. Now contract documents are made regarding complete specifications of the building and estimates of cost. After you get the contract approved, and it is awarded to a building contractor, you will have to pay periodic visits to the building site to look over the work in progress and issue instructions to the contractor’s agent or foremen regarding various details of the building. You will be in charge of the construction till it is finished.


You can apply for an admission to study architecture at the graduate level if you have taken physics, chemistry and mathematics at the 10+2 level. B.arch is a 5 year course and colleges select students through an entrance or written test. Subjects in the architecture course include history of architecture, practical mathematics, design and construction, town planning, economics and professional practice. You will also need a good knowledge in computers. You can also further specialize in various fields after attaining your B.arch degree. The post-graduate course varies from 18 months to 2 years.

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