Career in Audio Visual Media

Audio-Visual (AV) works with both sound and visual elements. An Audio Visual Media course includes media promotion and planning, film making, journalism, brand promotion, media studies and photography. So, if you have a strong desire to show your creative powers along with your communication skills through a lens based media, then Audio Visual Media Course will be the apt course for your career growth.

To gain a high degree of competency in filmmaking, screenplay writing, editing, journalism, documentary film making and many other interesting and potentially challenging fields of study, you need to pursue a course in Audio Visual Media studies. The period of globalization and consumerism lead to the growth of professionals in the audio visual media. Therefore, the course equips the students with both the theoretical and practical aspects of this field of study and enables them to make a career out of it.

Nature of Work:

Present India highlights the prestigious film production companies, news channels advertisement firms and animation studios. So, an Audio Visual Media professional can join the team of a television channel, media house, production company, advertisement agency, animation studio and study the tone of this industry. Acquire a degree or a diploma in audio visual media studies and join the crew of main stream filmmakers, documentary film makers, television film makers, screenplay writers and other creative fields of activity concerning the media. An Audio Visual Media professional can also work as a freelance filmmaker, journalist, ad filmmaker, editor or screenplay writer in some of the leading companies in the entertainment industry.

So, be firm and industrious in the field of audio visual media studies and come out with flying colors.


Minimum qualification required for an undergraduate course in Audio Visual Media studies is a pass in Higher Secondary Examinations (10+2) in any discipline whereas the post graduate course requires a graduation in either Audio Visual Media studies or other related fields of study.

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