Career in Call Center

Call centers are fairly a recent introduction to the world of career options in India. In a few words, a call centre is a centralized office of a company that receives and transmits an outsized degree of requests by telephone. A call center is regarded as an arrangement of a company that administers the information inquiries of that particular company?s customers. For the purpose of telemarketing, call centers make outgoing calls to its customers. A call centre is often operated through an extensive open workspace for call center agents, with work stations which include adequate telecom facilities, access to Internet and wide database, which provides voice based or web-based information and support to customers in the country or abroad through a trained team. To interact with their customers, now most major businesses use call centers.
Nature of Work:
In India, call centers have a never before boom. Nowadays, call centers have become somewhat obligatory to all sectors of business including banking, manufacturing, utilities, market research, security, catalogue sales, pharmaceuticals, order desk, credit collections, technical queries (help desk), emergency dispatch, customer service, food service, airline/hotel reservations etc. This very wide area of services is what makes call center jobs a money-spinning career. Unlimited opportunities are in store for you in this sector.
There is no specific qualification, but one needs to be 10+2 at least. Some companies employ staff to work in their call centers with out counting the candidate?s educational qualification or experience. But some establishments insist on fairly extensive experiences and may carryout strict enrollment interview procedures. However a very good command over English language is highly necessitated. In the case of beginners, they need to undergo intense training to make themselves best suited for the job.
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