Career in Creative Writing

In common parlance, creative writing signifies the product of some in – born talent which has to be chiselled by learning writing skills due to ever changing usage of language and styles of writing. A good writer has to be a communicator, as writing is as much about the documentation of facts as it is about expression. This discerning ability to express onself whether in the field of literature, journalism or advertising is what makes a writer good or bad.

Nature of Work:

Creative writing, as such, can not be defined. However, the ability to write creatively is an \’inherent capacity\’ in an individual and one cannot be forced to write if one does not have the knack for it. But learning writing skills actually helps to understand the subtle nuances of writing. Moreover, in the present age many types of writing skills have emerged such as technical writing, writing for websites, writing for CDs, films and writing for television. This has made it mandatory for youngsters to get some knowledge of creative writing, even when they have the taken for it. The opportunities for person, who can write creatively exists in the fields of book publishing, print and electronic journalism, copywriting for advertising and other media, writing for periodicals and journals.


The minimum eligibility to pursue a course in creative writing is 10+2.

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