Career in Criminology

Increasing rate of crime had made the study of causes and consequences of crime more relevant in today’s society. Causes of crime and methods of preventing crime are the two most important aspect of the study of criminology. Criminology is the science which studies crime, forms of criminal behavior, the causes of crime, the definition of criminality, and the societal reaction to criminal activity. Knowledge of criminology can be applied to various professions and academic fields related to the study of the society on the whole.

So if you are interested in the study of criminology or criminal justice, then you can become a criminologist. Specific areas covered include dealing with deviance, drug addiction, police administration and policy, victimology, juvenile delinquency, radical criminology and correctional facilities. You will be provided with the skills and knowledge you need to conduct in-depth research, to work within the criminal justice system and to learn about specific psychological behaviors that apply to criminals. After completion of criminology degree program, you can gain work experience and training through a professorship or internship program.

You will have to study the criminal justice system of a foreign country, as well as the specific crime issues it faces. You will also be studying crime statistics along with criminal behavior which will be required to develop an understanding of the Sociology of Law. You will be given a chance to examine a variety of issues related to crime and criminal justice so that they can learn to approach these themes

Nature of Work:
A few major areas of interest in this field of study include:

• Causes of crime
• Prevention of crime
• Crime Statistics
• Criminal Behaviour
• Penology
• Evaluation of criminal justice agencies
• Sociology of Law
• Criminal careers and desistance
A qualified criminologist in India can take up the jobs of teaching, counseling, rehabilitation of criminals. So after pursuance of your higher education in criminology, you can be employed by government agencies and universities. So a promising career is not so far. NGOs, research organizations, private security and detective agencies also recruit criminology professionals. They can also find jobs of counseling and rehabilitating offenders in the prisons. Also you can be hired in foreign police departments or as state medical examiners or take up other typical jobs which include Law reform researcher, Regional crime prevention coordinator, Crime intelligence analyst, Community corrections coordinator, Consumer advocate and Environment protection analyst.

An expected average annual salary of a criminologist with a bachelor degree is $30,000 whereas that of a criminologist with a master’s degree is $55,000

So if you wish to specialize in stopping crime then go ahead and pursue your dreams.


If you are planning for a Bachelors degree in criminology, then you must have completed your higher secondary schooling in Arts or Science. The eligibility norm for a Masters program is a graduate degree in Arts or Science.

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