Career in Detective Services

The very word Private detective conjures up before ones eyes images of a toughened, enigmatic but intelligent individual (often wearing dark glasses) who goes about trapping culprits and cracking the toughest of cases before people like you and me can say Jack Robinson.

Perhaps the most famous detective ever known in the world is Sherlock Holmes, resident of 221 Baker Street London, the brainchild of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the legendary English author. Holmes overall appearance and personality – the opium pipe, the magnifying glass, the cane and not forgetting the deerstalker cap, coupled with his famous oft quoted line, “Elementary my dear Watson” (addressed to his friend-cum-secretary, Dr Watson), have become immortal for all lovers of English literature.

None other than Monsieur Hercules Poirot occupies the second place in the Hall of Fame. Brought to life by Dame Agatha Christie O.B.E, the elderly but sprightly Flemish (Belgian) gentleman, with an egg shaped bald had and well-oiled moustache, whose catch lines are mais-oui and toute de m^eme, may not match Holmes in his scientific approach, but one never ceases to marvel at his power of reasoning and logical deductions.

Nature of Work:
In modern times, apart from finding out facts, some private investigation service agencies have diversified into providing trained bodyguards and security personnel. The techniques used by private investigators in their investigations include fingerprint collection, photography, voice and video recording, shadowing and application of forensic science. So if anyone desires to become a private detective, there are jobs aplenty.
There is no specific educational qualification required to become a private investigator. Most of the larger companies including nationalised banks and corporate houses provide some in-house training. However a basic graduate or postgraduate degree would come in very handy.
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