Career in Film Making


Apart from the basic function of entertaining, cinema or film is an art form that serves as a powerful instrument for conveying social or political messages. It is a medium that is a harmonious blend of technical expertise and artistry. Film making could refer to the production of any of several types of films and does not refer to entertainment cinema/feature films alone. The other types of films include documentaries, newsreels, corporate communications, advertising films, training aids and public interest communications.

Nature of Work:

There is a lot of scope for employment in the field of cinema. Even a freelancer may be able to find lucrative deals, provided one has a native business sense, creativity and sensibility and is capable of teamwork. This is a highly competitive field, where one has to keep putting in maximum efforts to even remain where one began.. This is a field where talent, contact and business acumen spell doom or success. There are job opportunities galore in film studios, production companies, editing studios, processing laboratories and government departments that make films, besides film departments of advertising agencies. Emoluments Once your talent is recognized, if /when your film succeeds or gets wide acclamation, money may begin to pour in. Otherwise the income of an individual may vary from one film to another or from one organization to the other, where he/she may be employed.


Certificate /diploma Graduate level}
* Often combined with mass com/journalism etc Postgraduate level}

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