Career in Fire & Safety Engineering

Fire protection engineering These safety specialists use the basic tools of engineering and science to help protect people, property and operations from fire and explosions. The chief fire officer, New Delhi, R C Sharma said: “One can make a very good career in fire management which is an important component of safety management.” He said the fire college at Nagpur imparted training in fire fighting and engineering. According to Sharma, a number of vacancies existed at the officer-level, in fire services and this was a job which not only provided bread and butter to the person concerned, but great satisfaction as one was involved in saving lives as well. One can pursue a bachelor’s in fire engineering at Nagpur, which is a three-and-a-half year course. Fire specialists determine the risk of fire losses as well as the use of the best methods to prevent them. Other safety specialists design systems that automatically detect and suppress fires and explosions, as well as design fire alarms, smoke control and emergency lighting. Industrial safety Many safety professionals work in manufacturing and production operations to help ensure that working conditions and work methods are safe for employees. Under the Indian Factories Act there is a requirement that factories employing 1,000 or more workers or those factories that are engaged in hazardous process must employ the prescribed number of safety officers. While this is a statutory requirement, most of the industries employ at least one full-time safety professional.
Nature of Work:
The job opportunities are a plenty. Jobs can be sought in industrial or government sectors, as consultants to design engineering firms. Safety officers can sell health and safety services to outside clients, including private and public sectors, they can provide in-house health and safety services to contractors who actually clean up hazardous waste sites. On the government front, the Department of Labour both central and state ones, are on the look out for these professionals. The rest are employed in the private sector in manufacturing firms, construction establishments, hospitals, management consulting firms, public utilities and colleges.
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