Career in Graphology


Graphology refers to the study of handwriting which involves the interpretation of character and personality traits especially in relation to psychology. In ancient times, Aristotle claimed that he could define and understand a person’s soul by his way of thinking. Modern graphologists have created a scientific rationale that gives particular significance to the slope of handwriting, the formation of individual letters, size of characters, joining and disjoining of letters etc. nowadays, graphologists are in dire demand and corporate companies and police needs graphologists as the former needs graphologists to elucidate staff applications and the latter needs them for analyzing the handwriting of criminals. There is undoubtedly a link between handwriting and personality and most people seem to agree that untidy handwriting is linked to depression though there is no scientific proof to support it. Also, in graphology size of handwriting, for example, is linked to personality dimension of modesty – egotism. Small handwriting implies modesty whereas large handwriting refers to egotism. Graphology is now considered generally as a pseudo science as most studies fail to show validity claimed by its supporters. Graphology is used in medical science to assist in diagnosis and tracking of diseases of brain and the nervous system. Although the scientific community supported graphology before the mid-twentieth century, the results of the most recent surveys on the ability of graphology to assess personality and job performance have been negative.


Employment Profiling – graphology is used to complement the other methods used in hiring people and it can help employers in selecting people with right personality profile for the job.

Business Compatibility– some handwriting analysts provides this additional service in which the focus of these reports can be:

1) Company – Wide: describes how compatible an individual is, with each employee in the company.

2) The Average Company Employee – In this, the individual is compared to other employees to analyze how well and fit the individual is.

3) Division Wide – describes how compatible the individual is with each employee in the division.

Psychological Analysis – uses psychological techniques to analyze individuals.

Marital Compatibility – in the simplest form, only sexual expression and sexual response are examined and in its complex form, every aspect of an individual is examined about how it affects other individuals.

Medical Diagnosis – here, motor control processes, interaction of nervous, anatomical, biomechanical systems of the body are examined.

Jury Screening – here, graphologist is given a personality profile of the jury and he/she advises the counsel about how to change their case so that it becomes favorable to them.

Graphotherapy – this is a practice of changing a person’s handwriting with goal of changing his or her personality features.

Nature of Work:

From the graphologist’s viewpoint, written script is made up of more than twenty indices, such as degree of slant, size, rhythm and spacing between letters, words and lines. All these symbolise different yet interrelated aspects of ourselves. Our physical, emotional and mental characteristics are thus represented. Our handwriting is, in fact, a unique “3 D snapshot” of our current state of mind body feelings – the complete person – as symbolised in the three Zones of script


Advance insight about each applicant is brought to the interviewer. Elimination of the problem of premeditated responses. Any attempts at deception are detectable. (Deliberate changes in handwriting can only be made at the expense of speed, fluency and other features discernible by the graphologist.) Deeper insight into a person\’s whole character than tests based on behavioural responses alone – graphology gives an all-round accurate profile. Economic value – avoiding the time and expense involved in wrong decision-making

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