Career in Home Science

Home science is an ideal choice in the catering and food industry.They contribute to the service and welfare of society. They have a role to play in developmental services and in child care. The home science expert should ideally be an even tempered, well disposed and friendly person. Home Science is defined as the study built on disciplines for gaining optimum well-being of the home and family life, within a changing society. This management is based on scientific research and knowledge that pertains to the home as well as the outside world. The subjects involved are PCB, hygiene, rural development, community living, art, food, clothing, textiles and home management etc. making Home Science a wonderful learning tool for better-living.
Nature of Work:
Career opportunities exist in the hospitality industry, in health resorts, service organisations, hospitals,counselling centers and health clubs.
Production jobs – this covers food preservation, dressmaking, specialized cooking. Graduates of Home Science can go on to enter the textile business, fashion designing etc. or even work in hotels, the food industry etc.

Research jobs – these projects involve educating specific segments of the population such as mothers, farmers, and villagers on the food value of certain food items.

Sales jobs – sales promotion of food items (baby foods) are given to home science graduates granted they have relevant information and experience.

Service jobs – maintenance and supervision of house keeping departments at tourist resorts, hotels, catering facilities, restaurants etc.

Teaching jobs – The recognized qualification for a primary school teacher is a Bachelors degree in Home Science and many postgraduates also are taken on as senior secondary school teachers and college professors.

Technical jobs – manufacturing industries do require home science graduates to serve as research assistants.

Home Science students have a wide range of fields that they can enter, as the above list illustrates. Attention to customer services and nutrition is increasing at a tremendous rate, since numerous multinational firms are getting involved in these ventures. This makes a career in Home Economics very promising.

The candidate should have passed 10+2 or equivalent.
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