Career in Hospitality Science


The term Hospitality can be defined as the service given to people. Today, the Hospitality Service Industry is one of the most booming industries in India. As the travel and tourism sectors, hotel industries etc are in constant need of the people, the Hospitality Sector mainly concentrates on the services that are provided to the customers. Various colleges and universities across offer courses in the Hospitality sector across the world. After completion of these courses, the scope for Career in Hospitality Sector is very wide and promising. Thus, candidates who opt for the Career in Hospitality Sector have to go through a meticulous training program in order to sustain the ever growing demand of this industry.

Nature of Work:

Advancement in the field of science and rapid development of the technologies contributes to the sophisticated and the well-facilitated services of the Hospitality industry. Industries like service apartments, hotels, restaurants, catering and canteen services, health care, Ayurveda and spa centers, cafĂ©\’s bars, discotheques, various clubs etc open doors for the careers in Hospitality Sector. Thus, the employment graph of this industry is on a continuous hike.

A qualified candidate can work in different areas of the Hospitality sector as Management Trainee, Customer Relations Executive, Marketing or Sales Executive, Kitchen Management or House Keeping Management, Catering Officer or Chefs in Hotels, Flight Kitchens, Cruises, Fast Food Chains and allied industry depending on his qualification. A professional can also get employed as Cabin Crew in National and International Airlines, as Executives in Tourism Development Corporations and Resort properties or as faculty in Hotel Management Institutes or Food Craft institutes. One can also become a self-employed entrepreneur in this field.


A candidate who has passed the two year Pre-University Examination conducted by the Pre-University Education Board or any other examination considered equivalent.

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