Career in Hotel Management

Major departments in a hotel that require management professionals are the front office department,food and beverage department,house keeping department and the restaurant.In any country, the hospitality industry is inextricably linked with its overall economic prosperity and resourcefulness. In other words the developmental level of the hospitality industry could well be considered the index of its all round growth. Trade and commerce too would be unable to thrive were there not adequate facilities and provisions for the overseas traders and business people. Hospitality industry is also directly proportionate to the inbound tourism to any particular country. The various countries of the world like India, China, Mexico and Iraq, that were the seats of ancient civilizations, are till date the most favourite destinations of the tourists from all corners of the globe. Hence both these industries have vast potentials for developing both tourism and hospitality industries. In this era of increasing globalisation, hospitality industry or hotel management is assuming greater significance and fast evolving as a lucrative career option.
Nature of Work:

B.A in International Hospitality Management-designed to prepare graduates including employment in hotels, restaurants, licensed retail management, events, and personnel and marketing in the international hospitality industry.

Bachelor of Hotel & Tourism Management-The programmes impart operational and strategic management tools required for international hotel, tourism and restaurant management.

Bachelor of Hotel Management(BHM)-course is designed for meeting the requirement of hotel or hospitality industry.

10+2 with 50% marks.
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