Career in International Trading

International Trade has a lucrative career of business dealing in the International markets. There is a vast opportunity to do business all over the globe. It also gives a chance to know more about cross-cultural behaviours up to date information about international market. It also helps to maintain high quality & competitive price against an equally or even better per year-products.
Effective use of computers and modern information technology which are being increasingly used in international business decision-making processes. Recognizing the importance of communication in international business, special attention is given for developing proficiency and commercial operation in one of the six foreign languages, namely, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic. Developments in the international market on the one hand and the consequential impact of the same on India’s domestic market on the other call for an increasingly professional and sensitivity of approach towards the international business environment. The liberalization and open door policies of the government have given hundred percent export oriented units and any export activity has many incentives, subsidies and financial assistance. It is a field of competition, tough but highly paying.

Nature of Work:
Handling international business operations in a highly dynamic & competitive environment is the most difficult task work in this field. It involves how to handle Management of International Business Operation, Inter-relationship between the diverse & complex task of Industrial Business pertains, develop analytical skills to identify international business opportunities and conditions for access to potential markets. Promote among the future business executives a scientific approach and capability to undertake senior management responsibilities in international business. International Trading is a forum of trading activity i.e. facilitate transaction from one country to another but not involving his/her own country either in selling or in buying.

Many private institutions offer Exim courses in International Trading. One of the well known Institute being ‘Indian Institute Of Foreign Trade’, the institute offers M.B.A & Diploma in Export.

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