Career in Management


Management is all about controlling and co-ordinating the work of people in the organisation.The manager administers the resourses at his disposal in such a way as to maximixe efficiency and increse output.

Nature of Work:

The major areas in management studies are:

Bachelor of Science in Business/Accounting-The accounting major is designed to promote the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to a successful accounting career and also provides identification with and orientation to the accounting profession.

Bachelor of Science in Business/Administration-Business Administration helps you develop the management, interpersonal, and professional skills you need to advance your career.The Bachelor of Science in Business/Administration program is designed for the working professional employed in a business or public organization.

Bachelor of Science in Business/Communications-The communications specialization focuses in such areas as public relations, communications theory, communication law and ethics, mass communication, media and advertising, and electronic publishing.In addition to the BSB business entry coursework, the Business Communications major stresses skill development in the areas of communications law, accounting and finance analysis, computers and information processing, general marketing, and macro-economics.

Bachelor of Science in Business/e-Business-The e-business major is designed to help the student acquire theory, skills, and values associated with a business environment that has an increasing dependence on Internet technology.The program courses provide fundamental knowledge and application in both business and information technology.

Bachelor of Science in Business/Finance-Graduates can pursue career opportunities in business banking, retail, and financial services firms.

Bachelor of Science in Business/Global Business Management-The Global Business Management Components of the Major include: international marketing, international trade and investment, global finance, global human resource management, and global value-chain management.

Bachelor of Science in Business/Hospitality Management-The program emphasizes the development of skills in lodging management; food and beverage operations management; events and recreation planning; and facilities management. Upon completion of this program students will possess the knowledge and skills needed to become leaders in the hospitality industry.

Bachelor of Science in Business/Information Systems-The information systems major is designed to help the student acquire theory, skills, and values associated with a business environment that has an increasing dependence on information technology.

Bachelor of Science in Business/Integrated Supply Chain and Operations Management-concentrates on strategic performance improvement of all business planning, global sourcing and procurement, production, and logistical activities that make up an organization’s supply chain.

Bachelor of Science in Business/Management-concentrates on managing human and financial resources within the structure, culture, and missions of any organization. Skills development in the areas of performance systems, employment law, public relations, financial analysis, global business strategies, and utilization of research findings.

Bachelor of Science in Business/Marketing -leadership abilities to manage the marketing function of the business enterprise.

Bachelor of Science in Business/Organizational Innovation-students will be prepared to create strategic and tactical plans, apply basic project management principles to the creative process, and manage intangible assets and prepared to apply design principles, innovative practices, and creativity to develop business processes, strategies, services, and products.

Bachelor of Science in Business/Public Administration-focuses on the efficient and effective utilization of public resources to achieve the public purpose within a dynamic environment.

Bachelor of Science in Business/Retail Management-skill development in strategic management, marketing, supply management, product and brand management, retail operations, merchandising, and personnel management that are unique to the retail industry.

Bachelor of Science in Management-develop the professional knowledge and skills of general managers in any organization.

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration-provides students interested in policing, criminal law, or corrections with an interdisciplinary study of crime and justice.

Bachelor of Science in Health Administration-designed to integrate a foundation of general education and applied sciences with the expertise that prepares the graduate for management positions in health care.

Bachelor of Science in Human Services/Management-This program gives instruction in the foundations of human services, such as counseling, social work, and psychology, with the management skills of planning, organizing leading, assessing, and evaluating.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology-knowledge and application in both the information systems function and in system development.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology/Multimedia and Visual Communication-This program’s specialization, Multimedia and Visual Communication, concentrates on the design and development of digital media presentations.

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