Career In Medical Lab Technology


Medical lab technology is an applied health profession which is concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease trough the use of clinical laboratory test. These test help doctors to detect, diagnose and treat diseases.a medical laboratory technologist do these est by analisining the body fluids, tissues , blood typing, micro organism screening , chemical analyses, cell count of human body etc. they play an important role in collecting the informations needed, sampling, testing, reporting and documentation of these investigations. They determine the presence, extent or absence of disease and provide data needed to evaluvate the effectiveness of treatment.

There are two level of medical laboratory workers –techicians and technologists

Medical technologist work in five major areas of the laboratory ie in blood banking, clinical chemistry ( chemical analisis of body fluid) Hematology, Immunology, and micro biology. They also work in the area of cytotechnologist, phlebotomists , urine analysis , coagulation, parasitology and serology. Phelabotomist draw and test blood where as blood bank technologist determine correct type of blood for transfusion . histology technicians cut and stain tissue samples.

Nature of Work:

Medical technologists have more training and job responsibilityies. They performs complex tests such as microscopic examinations of tissues, blood and other body fluids to detect evidence of the disease and to detect the presence of bacteria, fungus and other parasites. And the chemical tests to determine the blood cholesterol levels. They also match blood samples of transfusion and test drug level in blood to determine how patience are responding the medications. They are often responsible for making sure that the testing is done accurately. In some labs technologists conduct research under the supervision of medical researchers.

Medical technicians do rotine laboratory testing manually according to instructions. They work under the technologists or supervisors. technicians may prepare specimen and operates machine that automatically analyze samples . in addition to running tests, technicians set up, clean and maintain laboratory equipement, such as centrifuges, microscopes etc. they also prepare standard solution for use in the lab. This involves measuring and mixing the correct amount of chemicals .


The basic eligibility criteria for bachelor of medical lab technology is 10+2 or equelant with science subject

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