Career in Nursing


A Compassionate nature and a staunch commitment to the ailing and the disabled are the defining characteristics of this profession.Nursing is by no means playing second fiddle to the services and skills of a doctor.All across the world, nursing is now considered a highly noble profession. In a hospital, from the general ward to the operation theatre, nursing is the most important component of patient care. Contrary to popular belief, nursing is not a second choice career for those unable to gain entry in a medical college. The two professions, though complementary, require separate skills and temperaments. Where the doctors contact with the patients is fleeting, nurses are expected to establish and maintain a relationship with them.

Nature of Work:

The demand for skilled, qualified nurses is ever present throughout the world. As the government plans to widen the health services network, the demand for this profession would continue to grow. Nowadays even the corporate are entering this sector, further making this profession an exciting career option. It is estimated that there would be a demand of around 6 lakh nurses in the near future to improve the existing nurse-patient ratio, which is very low and unsatisfactory at present. The employment opportunities in this profession are available in government and private hospitals, nursing homes, sanatoriums, clinics, crèches, schools, offices, factories, orphanages, old age homes etc.
The major areas in Nursing are:

B.Sc Nursing.
GNM(General Nursing and Midwifery)
Auxillary Nurse.

1. B.Sc (nursing): This is a beginner’s course in nursing. In this course the very basic knowledge of this profession is provided like nursing, first aid treatment, midwifery etc. The course also imparts theoretical and practical aspects of nursing.

2. General nursing and midwifery: This course helps in preparing general nurses to hold first-level positions in the hospitals and other such places.

3. Auxiliary nurse midwife and health workers: In this programme training is provided to nurses on how to take care of health related needs of the people living in the rural areas especially children, mothers and old persons.


The basic eligibility for a B.Sc. in Nursing is a 10+2 with Biology, Physics and Chemistry. The basic eligibility for a course in General Nursing & Midwifery (GNM) is also 10+2 with Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

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