Career in Oceanography

Oceanography is the science of oceans in which detail study of all the features such as boundaries and their continents.Oceanographers study the seas, its coastline, estuaries, coastal waters, shelves and the ocean bed. Their work combines the scientific knowledge of biology, chemistry, physics, geology, geophysics, mathematics and engineering science. Oceanography is a ‘whole Earth’ science: the oceans interact continuously with the solid Earth and the atmosphere, and are the setting for much of the planet’s biological production.
Nature of Work:
Oceanographers are employed in a wide spectrum of areas like companies in the
1. Private sector (the marine industries, development of products and research)
2. Organizations in the public sector (Oil India etc.)
3. Governmental establishments (the Geological Survey of India and Meteorological Survey of India included).
Most of these job do not have set rules for promotion – ability and hard work are the only binding factors.
Many of the institutes/universities in India offer postgraduate course in Oceanography or Marine Biology. The minimum educational qualification for this course is a bachelor’s degree in science.
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