Career in Physics


Physics is the science that deals with concepts such as force, energy, mass, and charge.Physics is a part of science, which touches our life in almost each and every aspect. Physics played an important role in major discoveries like Radio, Television, calculator etc. Other major inventions like electric engine, artificial satellite, coloured photography, cinema, weather forcasting, solar plate, travel to moon and mars, treatment of cancer through Laser rays, Robot, computer are gift of physics. In the field of tele-communication too physics has played an outstanding role. With the help of Optical Fiber thousands of people can talk on one line simultaneously. Today we can travel a lot of distance easily and quickly. Physics has unlimited dimensions. Everyone needs knowledge of this subject. All including, chemists, engineers, biologists as well as doctors need a basic understanding of this subject.

Nature of Work:

Physicists works in academic institutions, government laboratories, and private industry.Most physicists work in research and development. Some do basic research to increase scientific knowledge. Others conduct applied research to build upon the discoveries made through basic research and work to develop new devices, products, and processes.physicists work in inspection, testing, quality control, and other production-related jobs in industry.To facilitate both intensive and extensive study of physics, it has been divided into several branches. Some important branches are as following-
(1)Mechanics (2)Heat (3)Sound (4)Light (5)Magnetism (6)Electricity (7)Modern Physics (8)Nuclear Physics (9)Atomic Physics (10)Astronomy and, (11)Space Science etc.


Candidate should passed 10+2 or equivalent in physics,chemistry and Mathematics.Choosing Physics as a career is excellent but challenging. There are a lot of scope of this subject. Persons having sound knowledge as well as degree conferred by reputed institute may get inviting job in country or abroad. To opt physics as a career one needs exhaustive knowledge of the subject, for this is the subject of conception. Even Simple graduates in physics are under-qualified for industry jobs. They cannot even think to pursue researh at this level. At least a Postgraduate degree is prerequisite for the job. Postgraduates with a background in particular specialization are required by the industry. Postgraduates in physics or related disciplines can also enroll themselves in PhD programs in physics, astronomy, astrophysics, plasma physics & technology etc. In selected institutes through Joint Entrance Screening Test (JEST).

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