Career in Radio Jockeying


With the opening of the FM radio to private channels, a plethora of new radio broadcasters have emerged on the Indian scenario, infusing new life into the medium of radio that had almost gone into oblivion. The medium, which suffered badly due to the advent of the television and the internet, has bounced back in an endeavour to carve a niche for itself in the entertainment business. One can almost relive the atmosphere of the days when radio ruled the roost, with millions of people again carrying around radio receivers. And this has opened up many interesting career options, the most exciting being Radio Jockeying. The FM boom has made Radio Jockeying a piping hot career choice. So, if you know what you are talking, it is time to put the money where your mouth is – get on air and let the world sit up and listen to you with eagerness.

Nature of Work:

You could work for radio stations like AIR (All India Radio), Times FM, Radio Mid-Day and other such independent radio stations. AIR holds auditions every 3 months and the selected RJs are given in-house training for 2 months in everything from CD players to mixers to Digital audio technology. There are hundreds of hopefuls who attend these auditions and if you are the lucky one to be selected, you will be on the right track for a start. These auditions are held in the radio stations of various cities especially metros.


What does matter is your voice. What is required is a clear diction. You should be able to talk clearly and be understood. You should be able to modulate your voice. It is just that you should be able to control the pitches of your voice and learn to use them to the best effect. For instance, if you are doing a programme for the youngsters, you have to sound bouncy and bubbly. On the other hand you need to appear serious and mature for an older audience.

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