Career in Space Technology

Space science can be categorized in four major disciplines: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Prametary Atmospheres and Aeronomy, Earth Sciences and Solar System Studies. Research in the area of Astronomy and Astrophysics cover solar phenomena like solar flares, their relationship with the magnetic field, propagation of their effect in the interplanetary space etc. Research activities in the prametary atmospheres and aeronomy are carried out principally the areas of middle and upper atmospheric studies of the prametary atmospheres and astrophysics.
Nature of Work:
Scientists/ Engineers are recruited with M.Sc.BE/ME or Ph.D. depending upon the specific recruitments of each job. Depending upon individuals capabilities and excellence, one can rise to Project Managers / Division Head / Project Directors / Group Directors / Deputy Directors / Directors of various centers / Units of ISRO. ISRO also employs B.Sc. degree holders and Engineering Diploma holders. Job opportunities are also available for those who possess industrial training, certificate in various trades / skills such as Electronics Instrumentations, Computer Electronics & Mechanical trades.Besides ISRO / Center of Department of Space, certain industrial sectors too offer employment opportunities to those who are technically / professionally qualified & possess relevant skill & knowledge.
A good degree in physics Following are the three reputed space institutes where students apply in large numbers to pursue the Space Technology courses. Instead of just giving the eligibility criteria, we have decided to provide additional information, as space and technology as a subject is not all that well know known among the students community. We hope they will be of great help to the students.
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