Career in Speech and Hearing


Speech therapist help people with articulation disorders to learn proper production of speech sounds, helps to speak more fluently, helps to improve voice, help people with aphasia to relearn speech and language skills, assist people who have difficulty swallowing as a result of illness, surgery, stroke or injury etc. Audiologists test and diagnose hearing and balance disorders in infants, children, and adults.

Nature of Work:

The professionals who has worked in hospitals, Public and Private Schools, Medical Clinics, Rehabilitation Centers, Private Practice, Research Laboratories, Nursing Care facilities, Community Centers, Colleges and Universities, Health Departments etc


The applicants should have passed the pre-university course or 10+2 from a recognised institution with science subjects – Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics.The various universities may grant admissions either on the basis of marks of the 10+2 course or they may conduct specific entrance examinations.

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