Career in Statistics


Statistics is the science of collecting data,analyzing it and looking for patterns that explain behaviour that describe the world as it is.It is a science applying mathematical tools,involved with the collection,analysis,interpretation and presentation of numerical data.Many applications including /predicting population growth or economic conditions,providing quality control tests for manufactured products,helping business managers and governmental officials make decisions with the help of statistical data.Statisticians are also employed by public and private organizations to apply skills to specific problems such as inventory control problems,health problems,infectious disease outbreaks and even television demographics.

Nature of Work:

Related Careers
Mathematicians-Theoretical mathematicians advance mathematical knowledge by developing new principles and recognizing previously unknown relationships between existing principles of mathematics. Although they seek to increase basic knowledge without necessarily considering its practical use, such pure and abstract knowledge has been instrumental in producing or furthering many scientific and engineering achievements.Applied mathematicians use theories and techniques, such as mathematical modeling and computational methods, to formulate and solve practical problems in business, government, engineering, and the physical, life, and social sciences.
Computer programmers
Engineers,Social Scientists, Financial Analysts- A financial analyst takes care of corporate financial management,investment management and financial services.


Capacity to work independently,inquisitive,analytical,logical,understanding of scientific theories and solve complex mathematical problems think abstractly,flexibility,curiosity and a rigorous mind.

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