Career in Technical Writing

Technical communication is as crucial to an Indian teenager who has just bought a DVD player as it is to IT businesses at the cutting edge of technology in Silicon Valley. The need to understand the latest developments in science and technology is being felt everywhere. Technical information, however, is often obscured by jargon and unusable in its original form. Simplifying such information and making it user-friendly is the task of the technical writer, a highly sought after breed over the last few years.
Nature of Work:

Overview of the career

The aim of the technical writer is to inform and explain. The target of such information and explanation may be the general public or trained professionals. Technical writers translate complex technical information (often obscured by jargon) into a simpler form usable by the target audience. They could, for instance, be creating a user guide for a branded VCD player or answering queries for an online PC support service. Therefore, the technical writer has a variety of choices from creating manuals and user guides to promotional writing and print journalism. Whatever the field of work, technical writers are regularly required to attend several classes in order to clearly understand their subject.

Tech writers may be employed in every kind of industry from IT and electronics to health care and food. They could write for magazines and web sites, or create software manuals and user guides for electronic gadgets.
A major advantage for beginners and seasoned writers alike is the flexibility the field affords. Part time and freelancing options are available. With some experience, telecommuting is also possible.

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