Career in Telecommunication


Telecommunication Specialists design voice and data communication systems, supervise installation of these systems, and provide maintenance and service to clients after installation. Systems can range from a connection between two offices on different floors of the same building to networking databases, and voice mail and electronic mail systems throughout globally distributed offices of multinational organizations. Specializations include voice transmission, cellular capabilities, data communication, cable-to-modem communication and satellite communication capabilities. Telecommunication Specialists act as information distributors, client representatives, construction supervisors, and maintenance liaisons

Nature of Work:

Telecommunication Specialists work closely with their clients during the planning stages, trying to elicit information from the clients that will help the Telecommunication specialists determine and satisfy their needs. Many telecommunications specialists work on-site for significant periods of time, supervising system installation and explaining system operation and maintenance to the client. Telecommunication specialists help companies to determine their own capabilities and discover what good communications support can do for their businesses.

The future looks very bright for telecommunications specialists, particularly for those willing to continue their education. Positions are growing at roughly double the rate of jobs in the economy as a whole. Technological developments should contribute to this bright future, as the development of cable modems promises to speed transmission rates by a thousand-fold, the Internet develops as a telecommunications resource and companies continue to invest heavily in their communications systems.

Handling this variety of responsibilities requires good communication skills, a firm understanding of technical requirements and an ability to work closely with other professionals. Those with strong math or engineering backgrounds have an advantage.

Related Careers A Telecommunications Specialist\’s skills are valuable in a number of other technology-oriented jobs. Many become sales representatives for high-tech products companies. Others who dislike negotiating deals contract themselves out as wiring specialists and perform installation and maintenance functions for a fee. Still others become computer network administrators, capitalizing on their understanding of the interplay between local wiring (connections) and performance(results).

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