Career in Vedic Astrology


Vedic Astrology is also known as jyotish or Hindu astrology. It is the traditional astrology of India and arises from its spiritual and yogic culture going back thousands of years. It joins Karma and spiritual destiny with the unfolding of current life of the individual. The field of Vedic Astrology has become popular in the western countries where many scholars have begun writing books about it. There are similarities to the Western astrology as well as substantial differences. Vedic Astrology, because of its spiritual background, delves deeply into the movements of life within the larger context of destiny, karma and vast movements of time and evolution through time. Anyways, many Westerners have found it to be more appealing than their own dominant system of Astrology. In India, Astrology emerged in the context of the Vedas which are the ancient holy writings of the Indian people, and through Vedic hymns offered a positive view of the world oriented to nature and pastoral agricultural life. This view was complimented and supported in an attempt to shine the divine light on the individual’s life. As a teacher, astrological knowledge attempted to remove the darkness of illusion and assisted the people to understand the purpose of soul’s present incarnation. A career in Vedic Astrology can be a successful one, as it brings out the inherent talent in individuals pursuing the course. As the world becomes more and more chaotic, the search for support systems such as Astrology becomes very intense. Astrology becomes very important to make crucial choices in life, including our career. Astrology tells us not just about our basic talent, but also about its evolution path. It can predict the time when you have to encounter a major challenge or a major crisis. Similarly, Astrology can predict about the good times when everything will be alright and get harmonized. Astrology can also indicate the place from where major breakthroughs to your career may originate for you to act accordingly for your own gain.

Nature of Work:
Trained astrologers mostly set up their own consultancy services in order to cater to the needs and aspirations of the public. A good many of them function as columnists for leading newspapers and magazines.
A basic graduate degree.
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