Career in Visual Communication


Visual Communication refers to the communication carried out with the help of visual aid and includes conveying of ideas and information in a form that can be read or looked upon. It is primarily associated with two dimensional images and includes signs, typography, drawing, graphic design, illustration, color and electronic resources. It relies heavily on vision and is a form of communication with visual effect. The idea that a visual message with text has a greater power to inform, educate or persuade a person is explored or utilized through Visual Communication. It is a type of communication where information is presented through visual form. A good visual design is evaluated based on the measuring comprehension by the audience, not on aesthetic or artistic preference. Also there are no universally agreed principles of beauty and ugliness.
Usually, information can be presented in a variety of ways visually such as gestures, body languages, video, TV and the focus is on the presentation of text, pictures, diagrams, photos etc which are integrated on a computer display. Visual Presentation refers to the actual presentation of information. The recent research in this field focuses on web design and graphically oriented usability. Graphic designers commonly use the method of Visual Communication in their professional practice. Nowadays, due to the development of World Wide Web, Visual Communication has become the most important form of communication taking place when users are surfing the internet. While surfing the web, one uses the eyes as the primary sense and hence the visual display of the website is very important for effective understanding by the users of the communication taking place. Visual Communication by e-mail which is a textual medium is commonly approximated with art, emoticons and digital images which are embedded in them.
A course in visual communication provides developing graduates with a better maturity in handling communication design problems, a deeper understanding of aesthetic aspects, and generating methods and processes for solving communication problems. Students can specialize in one or many areas of Visual Communication such as typography, information visualization, interaction design, video/film making, exhibition design, animation, photography etc.

Nature of Work:

Visual communication encompasses a great deal of Advertising, record covers, book illustration and Web design. Jobs in visual communications include commercial art and design, desktop publishing, web design, 3-D animation, multimedia development and video production.


Candidate should have passed the higher secondary examination.

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