Career in Video Jockeying

Introduction:: As we are all aware during the past decade or so, there has been a mushrooming of discotheques, in all major Indian cities and towns. Moreover, there has been an explosion in satellite television and opening up of airwaves to private sectors. These factors have opened up a host of options for the young generation, particularly those who are constantly looking for offbeat careers. The teenyboppers as well as the older ones might be familiar with those snazzily dressed individuals who choose the music and are forever behind the microphone. That’s what being a Disc Jockey is all about. … Read more

Career in Sports Management

Introduction:: Most of you have been passionate about some or the other sport at some stage of your life. It’s also very likely, that during the childhood, you were fascinated by some player and wanted to become like one. But due to one or the other reason, you could not become a successful sports person. You need not lose heart because there are many other avenues in modern sports which can help you live your passion for the sports as well as earn some money. In addition to becoming a player, you can become a physical education instructor, a coach, … Read more

Career in Radio Jockeying

Introduction:: With the opening of the FM radio to private channels, a plethora of new radio broadcasters have emerged on the Indian scenario, infusing new life into the medium of radio that had almost gone into oblivion. The medium, which suffered badly due to the advent of the television and the internet, has bounced back in an endeavour to carve a niche for itself in the entertainment business. One can almost relive the atmosphere of the days when radio ruled the roost, with millions of people again carrying around radio receivers. And this has opened up many interesting career options, … Read more

A Career in Personnel Management

Introduction:: Employees are an organization’s most important assets. Hiring good people is difficult and expensive. Training them on the values and skills they need to thrive, ensuring they understand the organization’s mission and strategy, and keeping them productive is a top priority of management. In recent years, the growing realization of the importance of proper human resource/personnel management has been reflected in the hiring of people with specialized skills in personnel management, compensation, labour relations, training and management development, and the use of organizational development consultants. Nature of Work: All major business and corporate houses, multinational companies, airlines, factories, industries, … Read more

Career in Management

Introduction:: Management is all about controlling and co-ordinating the work of people in the organisation.The manager administers the resourses at his disposal in such a way as to maximixe efficiency and increse output. Nature of Work: The major areas in management studies are: Bachelor of Science in Business/Accounting-The accounting major is designed to promote the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to a successful accounting career and also provides identification with and orientation to the accounting profession. Bachelor of Science in Business/Administration-Business Administration helps you develop the management, interpersonal, and professional skills you need to advance your career.The Bachelor of Science … Read more

Career in Insurance

Introduction:: In India, as of now, the insurance sector is nationalised, Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) and General Insurance Company (GIC) render services along with its 4 subsidiaries. While LIC provides life insurance, GIC is concerned with non life insurance like – motor, marine, fire, health and personal accident insurance. LIC employs people in various departments – publicity and public relation department, development department, personnel department, accounts department, actuarial department, secretrarial department, legal department, investment department, inspection departmertmemortagages department, vigilance department, foreign department, corporate planning department, building department etc. Nature of Work: Around 1 lakh people are believed to … Read more

Career in Finance Management

Introduction:: Today, when corporate finance has moved from domestic funding to multicurrency funding, the nature of financial control has changed from simple accounting to integrated control systems. This control system is based on enterprise resource planning. To manage such financial transactions a new category of financial whiz kids have sprung up, popularly known as Fund Managers and Equity Analysts. The scope for growth in the financial service sector is enormous, because this section is directly linked to the growth of the country’s economy. And India’s economy is stated to grow by about 8% in the next decade. It’s not only … Read more

Career in Fashion Designing

Introduction:: It relates to the applied art which is dedicated to clothing and lifestyle accessories which are created within the cultural and social influences of a specific time. Fashion design is done in accordance with two seasons namely autumn/winter or spring/summer. Fashion designers can work in a number of ways either full time for a fashion company and are known as in-house fashion designers which owns the designs or work alone or part of a team and they are called freelance designers and they work for themselves and usually sell their designs to fashion houses, or directly to the shops, … Read more

Career in Economics

Introduction:: Economics is a science that deals with the production, distribution, exchange and consumption of various goods and services within a particular country. Individuals, groups of people, business concerns or by governments, carry on these activities. The study of economics is aimed at enabling such individuals to carry out activities related to goods and services in such a manner that optimum benefit is obtained from the activity. Its realm encompasses a study of production processes, distribution processes, consumption patterns and human behaviour during all these processes. The aim is to devise the most effective way of functioning, taking all relevant … Read more

Career in Brand Management

Introduction:: With the floodgates of the Indian market being opened due to liberalisation, the Indian customers have a large number of choices because a bevy of foreign companies have started wooing them in order to promote their products. These products include a wide range of electronic goods for household use to automobiles to cosmetics to clothes and so on. To come up trumps in this fierce competition, the price and quality of the products are of utmost importance. But the big questions is – what should be the right price and which segment of the consumer should be targeted? Welcome … Read more