Career in Banking

Introduction:: Most people like to save something for our future lives or hard times, which people sometimes encounter during their life span. . On the other hand there are some people who need finance to start new ventures or expand their existing business. This is where the banking services step in. A bank mobilises peoples surplus money to meet the objective of national economic growth. Today banks not only serve as savings bank but also render many more services such as to provide safe custody for our valuables, to lend money against property, to accept deposits, to issue traveler cheques … Read more

Career in Agriculture Economics

Introduction:: A study of economic principles, with emphasis on their application to the solution of farm, agribusiness, and agricultural industry problems in relationship to other sectors of the United States economy and foreign countries As an agricultural economics major you are required to develop an acceptable Plan of Study in your chosen area of emphasis for your junior and senior years. Submit the plan for approval to the department’s Undergraduate Program Committee and the Director of Undergraduate Studies during the second semester of your sophomore year. Agricultural economics programs teach people how to predict trends in markets for farm products. … Read more

Career in Advertising

Introduction:: Advertising is regarded as the attempt to influence the buying behaviour of the target market or then target clients by providing a persuasive selling message about a product and or service. It is the means of informing as well as influencing the general public to buy products or services through visual or oral modes. There are many different types of advertising that are effective for small businesses, from traditional forms of advertising to the current advanced forms like through Internet. Theoretically, advertising is only one way of promoting your business, and you should make it sure that whatever form … Read more

Career as Company Secretary

Introduction:: Globalization has led to the growth and expansion of corporate sector which resulted in the demand for specialized professionals known as Company Secretary. A company secretary is one who is responsible for efficient management of the corporate sector. He co-ordinates various departments of the organization, ensures compliance of company legislations and advises directors on statutory requirements of the company. Apart from this, he also looks after finance, accounts, legal, personnel and administrative functions. The Institute of Company Secretaries of India is constituted under the Company Secretaries Act, 1980, to develop and regulate the profession of Company Secretaries in India. … Read more

Career as Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

Introduction:: The Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India (ICFAI), a non-profit organisation, which was established in 1984, with the objective of imparting high-quality training in finance and management to students, working executives and professionals in India. ICFAI launched the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Program in 1985 and since then has been instrumental in developing a new cadre of finance professionals in India. ICFAI functions under the overall guidance of the Board of Governors comprising leading consultants, senior IAS Officers, bankers and corporate executives. The Academic Council of ICFAI comprises of practitioners and distinguished academicians from IIMs and other leading … Read more

Career in Translators and Interpreters

Introduction:: Language professionals in India are busy like never before. The onslaught of IT, entry of MNCs, increased foreign tourists and a host of other factors have increased the demand for translators and interpreters in foreign languages. A parallel development has been the growing interest in Indian languages as well. As more and more students head toward language schools, the trend is obvious: language professionals are here to stay. Languages were once considered added qualifications to candidates looking for jobs. Today they have become the key to full-fledged careers. The varieties of jobs available to language professionals are many. Among … Read more

Career in Telecommunication

Introduction:: Telecommunication Specialists design voice and data communication systems, supervise installation of these systems, and provide maintenance and service to clients after installation. Systems can range from a connection between two offices on different floors of the same building to networking databases, and voice mail and electronic mail systems throughout globally distributed offices of multinational organizations. Specializations include voice transmission, cellular capabilities, data communication, cable-to-modem communication and satellite communication capabilities. Telecommunication Specialists act as information distributors, client representatives, construction supervisors, and maintenance liaisons Nature of Work: Telecommunication Specialists work closely with their clients during the planning stages, trying to elicit … Read more

Career in Technical Writing

Introduction:: Technical communication is as crucial to an Indian teenager who has just bought a DVD player as it is to IT businesses at the cutting edge of technology in Silicon Valley. The need to understand the latest developments in science and technology is being felt everywhere. Technical information, however, is often obscured by jargon and unusable in its original form. Simplifying such information and making it user-friendly is the task of the technical writer, a highly sought after breed over the last few years. Nature of Work: Overview of the career The aim of the technical writer is to … Read more

Career in Teaching

Introduction:: Now, Teaching is one of the gracious professions in the world and has become a boon to society. Through confidence, wisdom, patience, intelligence, friendliness, amicability, communication skills and passion for subject, a good teacher can contribute many eminent doctors, engineers, journalists and other professionals to the society. They can shape a child’s character and groom students to excel in their chosen field. Thus, a teacher, not only builds up the aptitude and intellectual mind of students, but also regulates the behavior of the society in an indirect manner and creates the sense of responsibility as citizens of the country. … Read more

Career in Special Education

Introduction:: Special education is much-neglected sector in India. In most cases, the responsibility of educating a visually or mentally challenged child falls solely upon the parents. This scenario is, however, changing. A number of special schools are springing up across the country and the best possible education is now available to disadvantaged students. Professionally qualified special educators undertake this challenging task. Nature of Work: Special educators work largely in educational or medical set-ups. Openings are available in: Special schools such as the Spastic Society of India Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) Hospitals & Clinics Rehabilitation Centers Therapy Clinics As Private Tutors … Read more