Career in Rural Management

Introduction:: Rural management is the study that relates to planning, organizing, directing and controlling of co-operatives, agri-business and allied fields. It includes the knowledge of management studies and applying it in the rural context and the most of the courses in this field are designed in a way in which the concepts are applied in real life through training in rural areas through diverse case studies and interaction with rural people. Rural development has been the prime focus of our Government since the attaining of independence. Apart from the Government of India, many voluntary agencies and private companies are also … Read more

Career in Public Relation

Introduction:: A career in spin. If you want to make your clients shine, this is your field. What is public relations? It’s all about spin – creating an image, making people remember your client, and sometimes, making people forget. In an age when image consciousness holds the key to success the scope and influence of public relations in constantly widening. This is, in practice, an image building exercise that can apply to anything from companies and products to people, projects or ideas. Its main components are social contact and communication, and perhaps for these reasons public relations is perceived as … Read more

Career in Library Science

Introduction:: Academic libraries cater to students and staff of universities, colleges, schools and polytechnics, and are often open for use by other academicians or research scholars. This is the largest area of recruitment for those trained in library science. Moreover, librarians in academic libraries are, in financial terms, on par with teachers. Nature of Work: The bulk of job opportunities for the library professionals exist in the following areas: Schools, colleges and universities. Specialised research institutions. Research and development department of industrial organizations. Documentation and information centres. Government offices. Public Libraries. Libraries managed by noted NGOs. Eligibilty: For obtaining a … Read more

Career in Journalism

Introduction:: Career in Journalism is an esteemed profession as well as a highly rewarded one. Journalism is concerned with collection and dissemination of news through the print media as well as the electronic media. This involves various areas of works like reporting, writing, editing, photographing, broadcasting or cable casting news items. Journalist informs, interprets, educates, enlightens the people and plays a major role in the development of nation. The purpose of Journalism itself is to collect information about daily happenings in the society. So, to become a journalist one should be tactful, confident and organised while interviewing people from different … Read more

Career in Human Resourses Development

Introduction:: Human Resources Management is closely related to labor and industrial relations, as well as organizational behavior.HR management is an extremely important aspect to a business. Nature of Work: HR managers advise employers about upgrading employee skills and consider how to hire, train, and promote people in time to fill changing needs. Eligibilty: A candidate should have passed 10+2 or equivalent. OTHER ITEMS YOU MIGHT LIKE Career in Translators and Interpreters Introduction:: Language professionals in India are busy like never before. The onslaught of IT, entry of MNCs, increased foreign tourists Read more Career in Telecommunication Introduction:: Telecommunication Specialists design … Read more

Career in Human Resources Development

Introduction:: Attracting the most qualified employees available and matching them to the jobs for which they are best suited is important for the success of any organisation. However, many enterprises are too large to permit close contact between top management and employees. The human resources department (HRD) provides the link. Nature of Work: Social work:This is a profession for those having a strong desire to help people. They help people deal with their relationships — solving personal, family and community problems. Public Relations: It is a function of management. It involves monitoring and evaluating public attitude and relating organisational policy … Read more

Career in Graphology

Introduction:: Graphology refers to the study of handwriting which involves the interpretation of character and personality traits especially in relation to psychology. In ancient times, Aristotle claimed that he could define and understand a person’s soul by his way of thinking. Modern graphologists have created a scientific rationale that gives particular significance to the slope of handwriting, the formation of individual letters, size of characters, joining and disjoining of letters etc. nowadays, graphologists are in dire demand and corporate companies and police needs graphologists as the former needs graphologists to elucidate staff applications and the latter needs them for analyzing … Read more

Career in Film Technology

Introduction:: Film making requires all the knowledge and skills that are taught in a Management programme like PGDBA. It has all the P’s in it and it is also a Project. Film itself is a product; for example, lagaan is a product but it is a product like a ship which is made through a Project, which is taught in the Management programme. The finance for the Project, comes from venture capitalists who put their money into the making of a film. Venture capitalism has by itself become a subject of study. In this age of knowledge economy it is … Read more

Career in Film Making

Introduction:: Apart from the basic function of entertaining, cinema or film is an art form that serves as a powerful instrument for conveying social or political messages. It is a medium that is a harmonious blend of technical expertise and artistry. Film making could refer to the production of any of several types of films and does not refer to entertainment cinema/feature films alone. The other types of films include documentaries, newsreels, corporate communications, advertising films, training aids and public interest communications. Nature of Work: There is a lot of scope for employment in the field of cinema. Even a … Read more

Career in English

Introduction:: Today, English has become a crucial and essential language for career growth. A boom in outsourcing jobs particularly from USA and Western European countries has increased job opportunities for English language professionals. Many Indian states have accepted English as the second major medium of instruction in schools and colleges after regional language. The scope for English graduates has widened due to the ongoing boom in the Indianeconomy. Now English language has become a requisite for most of the job sectors in countries like India, Philippines and Singapore. So, the prevalence of English language is increasing day by day such … Read more