Career in Travel and Tourism

Introduction:: Travel and Tourism one of the world’s largest foreign exchange earner among industries, provides employment directly to millions of people worldwide and indirectly through many associated service industries. A very wide industry, it includes Government tourism departments, Immigration and customs services, travel agencies, airlines, tour operators, hotels etc and many associated service industries such as airline catering or laundry services, Guides, Interpreters, Tourism promotion and sales etc. Travel and Tourism enterprises include major internationals with a workforce of thousands, to the small private travel agent with a handful of employees. Work in the travel and tourism industry is essentially … Read more

Career in Sports

Introduction:: UNESCO has defined Sports as “Any physical activity which has the character of play and which involves struggle with oneself or with others, or a confrontation with natural elements”. They also added that “if this activity involves competition, it must then be performed in a spirit of sportsmanship. There can be no true sports without the idea of fair play”. Rules are the most important part of sports which are formed to establish quality and increase competition in every sport. Participation in sports is a great way of staying active and improves our mental and physical health too. Sports … Read more

Career in Space Technology

Introduction:: Space science can be categorized in four major disciplines: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Prametary Atmospheres and Aeronomy, Earth Sciences and Solar System Studies. Research in the area of Astronomy and Astrophysics cover solar phenomena like solar flares, their relationship with the magnetic field, propagation of their effect in the interplanetary space etc. Research activities in the prametary atmospheres and aeronomy are carried out principally the areas of middle and upper atmospheric studies of the prametary atmospheres and astrophysics. Nature of Work: Scientists/ Engineers are recruited with M.Sc.BE/ME or Ph.D. depending upon the specific recruitments of each job. Depending upon individuals … Read more

Career in Rubber technology

Introduction:: Not many in India are aware of rubber technology, and still less consider it as a career option, although there are about 6,000 rubber units in the country. Rubber is a natural product, which is, produced by various techniques to make it useable by various industries for production of different end products. The most essential end product is tyre right from high tech aircraft tyre and formula 1 can racing to tyre for bicycles. Rubber is processed and then moulded into the required shape. Treated or processed rubber is also used various other and products like those used in … Read more

Career in Railway Services

Introduction:: The Indian railway system spanning a length of over 62.3 thousand kilometres is the largest in Asia and ranks second in the world. It made a modest beginning in April 1853, with the first train from Bombay to Thane. The range of operations of the Indian Railways is quite diverse and wide. The Indian Railway network comprises of nine zones, directly controlled by the Railway Board, which is at the helm of all operations. A General Manager heads each zone. Nature of Work: The Indian Railway Traffic Service This branch of the Indian Railways looks after transportation and commercial … Read more

Career in Plastic Industry

Introduction:: Plastic has become part and parcel of our life. Plastic has brought luxury and convenience in our life. Today our day begins with plastic and terminates with it too. Tooth brush, buckets, Radio body, electricity switch, telephone receiver etc are made of plastic. Plastic is increasingly being used as a substitute to materials like rubber, wood, glass and paper in packaging industry and metals in other industries. There has been a consistent rise in the demand of plastic due to its price, versatility, variety and durability. In fact today after steel, plastic is the most widely used material. We … Read more

Career in Photography

Introduction:: Photography is the art of creating still or moving pictures by recording radiation on a sensitive medium such as a photographic film or an electronic sensor. Photography is usually practiced in a professional manner for portrait work or for various other commercial and industrial applications such as preparation of photographs for advertising, illustration, display and record – keeping. Different types of photography on the basis of its applications are as follows: # Press Photography – this type of photography is for newspaper and magazine illustrations of various events and objects. # Industrial Photography – this includes the generation and reproduction of engineering drawings, … Read more

Career in Performing Arts

Introduction:: The performing arts means, the artist’s uses their own body, face and presence as a medium.Performing arts include the comedy, dance, magic, music, and circus arts.Artists who participate in these arts in front of an audience are called performers, including actors, comedians, dancers, musicians, and singers.Performers often adapt their appearance, such as with costumes and stage makeup, etc. There is also a specialized form of fine art in which the artists perform their work live to an audience. This is called Performance art. Nature of Work: Dance Our culture is one among the oldest civilizations of the world and … Read more

Career in Paramilitary Forces

Introduction:: The Paramilitary Forces of India (PMF) are those agencies that help the Law Enforcement Agencies and the Indian Armed Forces in their operations. It has over a million personnel active in its service. PMF is regarded as the world’s second largest paramilitary organization (second only to the Chinese People’s Armed Forces) and its head officers and other senior officers being members of Indian Police Service (IPS). The first tier of the PMF is formed by the Central Police Organizations (CPO) and the second tier is formed by the Central Paramilitary Forces (CPF). The main difference between the two is … Read more

Career in Oceanography

Introduction:: Oceanography is the science of oceans in which detail study of all the features such as boundaries and their continents.Oceanographers study the seas, its coastline, estuaries, coastal waters, shelves and the ocean bed. Their work combines the scientific knowledge of biology, chemistry, physics, geology, geophysics, mathematics and engineering science. Oceanography is a ‘whole Earth’ science: the oceans interact continuously with the solid Earth and the atmosphere, and are the setting for much of the planet’s biological production. Nature of Work: Oceanographers are employed in a wide spectrum of areas like companies in the 1. Private sector (the marine industries, … Read more