Career in Modelling

Introduction:: Modelling is the art of learning how to walk, to move and show off clothing to the best effect to help sell it. When potential customers look at the model, they generally imagine themselves in that outfit. clothing is designed to appeal to the people leading specific lifestyles as well as to those simply aspiring to them. The entire effect created by the model, the mood, the clothing, the art direction and the advertisement placement, must enhance the image of the clothes and be consistent throughout. Nature of Work: The modelling business can be broadly classified into ramp modelling, … Read more

Career in International Trading

Introduction:: International Trade has a lucrative career of business dealing in the International markets. There is a vast opportunity to do business all over the globe. It also gives a chance to know more about cross-cultural behaviours up to date information about international market. It also helps to maintain high quality & competitive price against an equally or even better per year-products. Effective use of computers and modern information technology which are being increasingly used in international business decision-making processes. Recognizing the importance of communication in international business, special attention is given for developing proficiency and commercial operation in one … Read more

Career in Intelligence Services

Introduction:: An Intelligence officer is a modern-day Sherlock Holmes. The need for contemporary versions of the master detective has been increasingly felt in modern society thanks to the spiralling crime rate especially in cities. The intelligence services first took shape in British India in the 1860s and were primarily concerned with collection, assimilation, and analysis of information. Eventually the services grew into the Criminal Investigative Department (CID) which has since been immortalised by desi James Bonds in Hindi films. Over the last hundred years, the face of the intelligence services in the country has changed considerably. The Central Bureau of … Read more

Career in Hotel Management

Introduction:: Major departments in a hotel that require management professionals are the front office department,food and beverage department,house keeping department and the restaurant.In any country, the hospitality industry is inextricably linked with its overall economic prosperity and resourcefulness. In other words the developmental level of the hospitality industry could well be considered the index of its all round growth. Trade and commerce too would be unable to thrive were there not adequate facilities and provisions for the overseas traders and business people. Hospitality industry is also directly proportionate to the inbound tourism to any particular country. The various countries of … Read more

Career in Home Science

Introduction:: Home science is an ideal choice in the catering and food industry.They contribute to the service and welfare of society. They have a role to play in developmental services and in child care. The home science expert should ideally be an even tempered, well disposed and friendly person. Home Science is defined as the study built on disciplines for gaining optimum well-being of the home and family life, within a changing society. This management is based on scientific research and knowledge that pertains to the home as well as the outside world. The subjects involved are PCB, hygiene, rural … Read more

Career in Hair Styling

Introduction:: Hair is often termed as the crowning glory of the human body. A particular hairstyle, gone awry, may play havoc with a person’s appearance. On the other hand a good hairstyle may transform even an ugly duckling into a swan. Nature of Work: Beauty and hair care professionals can find employment in the following major areas of work: In a salon or beauty parlour In a cosmetics manufacturing company in a health club or gym In television or film Self-employment in a salon or beauty parlour In a cosmetics manufacturing company>br> In a health club or gym In television … Read more

Career in Foreign Languages

Introduction:: Language is one of the most powerful communication tools available to an individual. With emerging globalization, an individual who has knowledge of more than one language has a number of advantages to his/her credit. Careers nowadays not only ask for languages as a primary skill, but occasionally as a secondary skill as well. Nature of Work: Individuals may choose to be either freelancers or be associated with a particular organisation. Business interpreters find prospective employment in business firms, travel agencies, etc. One could also opt for a career in teaching. Working as a translator or interpreter either full-time or … Read more

Career in Footwear Designing

Introduction:: Footwear Designing Footwear, like clothes, has emerged as a significant facet of ones personality which sometimes, tells the observer things that even you ight not be knowing about yourself. Earlier, a career in footwear designing and technology was unheard of. The forte of making shoes and other footwear rested with the unorganized traditional sector. There was very little awareness and Footwear was considered a mere necessity. But the trend has changed in the past decade boding well for the industry as well as people at large. In fact, India ranks second only to China among the footwear- producing countries. … Read more

Career in Fire & Safety Engineering

Introduction:: Fire protection engineering These safety specialists use the basic tools of engineering and science to help protect people, property and operations from fire and explosions. The chief fire officer, New Delhi, R C Sharma said: “One can make a very good career in fire management which is an important component of safety management.” He said the fire college at Nagpur imparted training in fire fighting and engineering. According to Sharma, a number of vacancies existed at the officer-level, in fire services and this was a job which not only provided bread and butter to the person concerned, but great … Read more

Career in Fashion Photography

Introduction:: A thing of beauty is joy forever. If you have an eye for beauty and like being surrounded by glamorous people, then Fashion Photography is the ideal career for you. With the growth of advertising and the mass media, Fashion Photography has become a profession with great commercial value. To be a fashion photographer you must have a strong visual imagination, an eye for detail; attentiveness to colour, shapes and shadows; artistic sensitivity; creativity and the ability to work in difficult conditions. Nature: Fashion Photography attracts youngsters because of its appealing coverage of glamorous models and glossy prints. Specialist … Read more