Career in Architecture

Introduction:: Construction is one of the fastest growing sectors in our economy. It has experienced a huge boom in the last few decades. Our requirements also change along with time. Earlier, emphasis was on the basic requirements of housing and shelter, but now emphasis is give on luxury, comfort and style. This leads to a good prospect for those interested in making a career in architecture. Architecture in particular is the study which deals with planning and designing of building and Architects are licensed professionals who are trained in the art and science of building. They are involved in almost … Read more

Career in Aquaculture

Introduction:: Aquaculture is the cultivation of aquatic organisms like fish,shellfish,aquatic plants under controlled conditions.Aquaculture products are grown in earthen ponds, freshwater lakes and bays, or in the open ocean. Once the fish or shellfish reach an appropriate size, the crop is harvested, processed and shipped to market, generally arriving within hours of leaving the water.This also includes marine produce suitable for consumption as well as for industrial and medicinal purposes. India with its 7,500 km long coastline, a large inland water system and rich natural resources, has good prospects of becoming a dominant supplier of seafood which is highly sought … Read more

Career in Aqua Science

Introduction:: Broadly speaking aqua science is the multi-disciplinary study of Earth’s interrelated processes (atmosphere, oceans, and land surface) and their relationship to changes in the Earth system. Nature of Work: Aquatic careers are as varied as the habitats with which they are associated. The oceans are one obvious area in which people focus their marine careers; but there are many other aquatic environments such as estuaries, lakes, rivers, streams, and wetlands in which people base their work. Eligibilty: Graduate degree in science. Higher degrees in related fields preferred. OTHER ITEMS YOU MIGHT LIKE Career as Beautician Introduction:: Welcome to the … Read more

Career in Agriculture

Introduction:: Agricultural studies uses the knowledge of science and maths to negotiate the problem of agriculture. Apart from the regular farming activities of sowing, harvesting and marketing farm products, there are other areas of specialization like agriculture , forestry , sericulture, dairy technology, vetinary science, soil science etc. Broadly the field of agriculture studies can be mapped into agriculture science and agricultural engineering. Agricultural science is interested in finding ways of improving farm output by improving the quality of seeds and the efficiency of seeds and the efficiency of fertilizers and pesticides. Agricultural engineering is concerned with the engineering aspects … Read more